Online frauds

While there are many examples of online frauds, there are five main types of online frauds:

Seizure fraud

In this kind of fraud, the fraudster takes a person’s credit card information. Once the card information is gained, the crook makes charges to the account without the cardholder’s consent. The charges will later be denied and the cardholder will be able to dispute them.

Cloned cards

In this type of fraud, the criminal is a fraudster who uses the personal information of many people. Cloned cards can be easily obtained by just swiping a credit card in stores or by purchasing gift cards from a stationery store.

Recovering stolen funds

When credit card fraud happens, you may find yourself dealing with the pain and suffering of a stolen credit card along with thousands of dollars in lost revenue. It is vital for you to receive all of the funds back that you lost as fast as possible. If you are unable to recover the funds, you will have to deal with the consequences of your fraudulent activity for years to come.

Fund Recovery Professionals

When you approach the fund recovery company to recover your stolen funds, they will give you the necessary tools to get the job done. Many criminals have mastered the art of stealing money from innocent victims. They have some sort of mask or excuse for what they are doing.

How to recover your lost funds

1. PassportCASH Fraud Recovery

PassportCash is the leading company specializing in returning funds to cardholders who have been scammed by hackers. The company specialises in this department, and it has strong ties with law enforcement agencies.

If you believe you’ve been scammed by hackers and want to get your money back, you can trust them with your account and details. To begin with, you have to register on their website, and then call the number given below on a recorded line. When you call the company, you can rest assured that they will follow up on your complaint. They’ll also assist you in every possible way.

The team at the company works tirelessly to return funds to you. They are experienced and have all the necessary knowledge and skills.


Getting your finances back after you’ve been the victim of fraudulent charges and manipulation can be done. With proper measures you can keep your hard-earned money in your possession and have a better chance at winning against the clutches of this thief. In the end, you must always keep in mind that the first step is awareness, the second is commitment, and the third is success.