Genius Investment Group Bitcoin Scam

Genius Investment Group is an online company that claims to be regulated by CySEC. They offer a group or online course. They also sell a basic package of courses. It is very important that you do your research and understand the terms and conditions of any course you choose. You can also contact an expert dispute team if you have lost funds with Genius Investment Group.

Genius Investment Group claims to be regulated by CySEC

Despite claiming to be CySEC-regulated, Genius Investment Group is a scam broker. The company is operating without authorization, and it is blacklisted by several regulators. It is a market maker that offers managed accounts and trading software, but its registration status remains unclear. It is important to only trade with regulated companies.

The CySEC has warned investors against dealing with unregulated companies. It also warns that unregulated firms do not adhere to its regulations and do not participate in its investor compensation fund. This fund protects the claims of covered clients in case of financial failure. Thus, it is imperative to make sure your broker is regulated by CySEC.

To ensure the legitimacy of an online trading company, investors should always check the CySEC website. The CySEC website contains a list of companies regulated by CySEC. The CySEC also contains warnings about nefarious operators and fraudulent websites. Moreover, traders should be wary of aggressive cold-calling tactics. These scams often occur through email, phone calls, and online pop-ups.

Genius Investment Group offers training to help new traders learn the trade. The company provides both in-house and online training. The latter is beneficial for those who live outside the UK or have other commitments. Alternatively, trainees can choose between a group or one-on-one programme, which involves a small group of students.

Genius Investment Group offers a group course

One of the most popular ways to learn forex is with a group course such as Genius Investment Group’s. The company offers two options: an in-house course, which is suitable for students who live outside the UK, or an online course, which is suited for students who have other commitments. Both options provide one-to-one guidance and provide access to extra-curricular resources.

The Genius Investment Group group course is the most common. It is held in a conventional classroom in Genius Investment Group’s offices, with about 10 to 15 traders per classroom. This allows for one-on-one interaction with a team of expert traders. While there are a few drawbacks to this option, it’s worth considering if you want to learn forex trading.

Genius Investment Group claims to be a leading Forex trading school, with over 2000 students. Its YouTube channel has over 3.1 million views and its trainers have travelled around the world to teach clients. The group’s track record speaks for itself, as many of its graduates are successful traders. There are several online reviews of Genius Investment Group and its courses are widely recognized worldwide.

Genius Investment Group also asks its customers for a high-return investment. In return for this investment, the company wants you to sign up for a bitcoin wallet to pay them. In addition to this, Genius Investment Group demands that you pay fees such as commissions, tax and processing fees. However, you should know that the company does not offer a demo account. This option allows you to evaluate the trading platform and conditions before making any commitments.

Genius Investment Group offers an online course

While you may be tempted to sign up for Genius Investment Group bitcoin training online, the reality is that the course is a scam. This course claims to offer the best training available, but it is really just a series of video tutorials that do not do justice to its claims. The video tutorials are all about the market and contain very basic information. Besides the video tutorials, Genius Investment Group also provides a free guidebook with strategies and trading signals. This course claims to have over 2,200 students in its database. The course is suited for students who are based outside the United Kingdom or who may have other commitments. The course offers one-to-one training or a group course with around 10-15 students. Moreover, it also provides students with a private telegram group.

The Genius Investment Group course also includes a fundamental analysis course. It helps you learn how to interpret real-world news and how it affects currency prices. For example, if the UK economy is performing well, then it will boost the value of the GBP against the USD. Although the course is aimed at technical traders, it also has a fundamental analysis section that is helpful for people who prefer technical trading.

Genius Investment Group is a London-based company that claims to offer a forex trading course. The company has been in business for five years and claims to have trained over 2000 students. Their videos have received over 3.1 million views on YouTube. Many of their members have been successful traders. Its courses are also recognized worldwide.

The course is designed for novice traders and includes trading software. Junior traders can then use the Genius Investment Group trading system to target higher returns and boost their earning potential. It can take up to two years to learn the trading system.

Genius Investment Group offers a basic package

It is important to know that an offshore broker such as Genius Investment Group may be a scam. These brokers may offer a basic package but their trading conditions are suspect. While some of them claim to be licensed by CySEC, they are not. Additionally, Genius Investment Group does not have a Privacy Policy or legal documents. This means that you have no way of ensuring that this broker is a scam.

Moreover, Genius Investment Group asks you to invest a high amount of money to get the basic package. It then demands that you create a bitcoin wallet in order to pay for their services. It will also charge you fees for processing, taxes, and commissions. It does not offer a demo account so that you can test their trading platform and conditions before investing your money.

Genius Investment Group also offers a one-on-one course. This is their most popular training session. The course consists of 16 hours of training digitally. The course covers technical, psychological, and fundamental aspects of trading. It also includes a private telegram group for its members. The website also claims to offer 15 mentors to help students with their trading.

The course is available in English and French and takes about a year to complete. It takes place online and is available in London and around the world. Its delivery fees are also paid by Genius Investment Group. However, this course will only be effective if you are committed and have enough time to learn Forex trading.

Genius Investment Group offers a free video

Genius Investment Group has claimed to be the leading Forex trading school with over 2000 students and 3.1 million views on their YouTube channel. The company has also travelled all over the world to teach their clients. Its website has a number of testimonials from satisfied customers who have successfully completed the course. Its courses are respected worldwide, and it has received many positive reviews.

The company claims to have over 70 videos that teach investors the ins and outs of trading. It also provides a guidebook and strategies. The guidebook covers technical, psychological and fundamental aspects of trading. It also offers members a private telegram group where they can ask questions and get answers from other members. The company also claims to have fifteen mentors and five courses to teach their members.

How to Avoid the Genius Investment Group Bitcoin Scam

If you are thinking of investing in Bitcoin, you should avoid joining the Genius Investment Group bitcoin scam. The company claims to be one of the best Forex trading schools, but its terms and conditions are unfair. Moreover, it is an offshore brokerage entity. This is why a lot of people are losing money with it.

Genius Investment Group offers guaranteed returns

Genius Investment Group claims to have a guarantee of up to 50% weekly returns. However, there are many questions that should be asked before making an investment with Genius Investment Group. For one thing, it’s important to understand that trading on Forex is a high-risk activity. Up to 70% of traders lose money.

Among other things, traders need to have a thorough understanding of technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages. They also need to know how to read historical charting patterns. Fortunately, Genius Investment Group offers extensive training on technicals. It is not a good idea to jump in headfirst without understanding how technical indicators work.

For traders who are new to the Forex market, Genius Investment Group offers a variety of training programs that can help them build a successful trading career. For example, the Accelerated course is a 12-month course that provides high-level training and access to the trading floor in London. The course also includes access to live webinars and free videos to help students make informed decisions.

As an offshore broker, Genius Investment Group may not have the proper regulatory framework to guarantee returns. They may be operating with a third-tier license, which is no guarantee. This is common for shady financial schemes. While these licenses can be obtained by paying fees, they’re not worth the money. In addition, such programs don’t include any sort of oversight, inspections, or protection for customers.

Genius Investment Group also offers a one-on-one training course for traders who are new to forex trading. The one-year course teaches the basics of forex trading, and includes live webinars with company founders. Moreover, the course is designed to be interactive, so that students can interact and learn from each other. The course can also be taken online, with pre-recorded material to make it more convenient for beginners.

While the training course covers technical and fundamental analysis, it also teaches students how to read the news and how it affects the currencies they trade. For example, a major swing in the UK economy can increase the value of GBP against the USD. As a result, this course is best for technical traders.

Genius Investment Group has unfair withdrawal conditions

One of the biggest problems with Genius Investment Group is that its withdrawal conditions are unfair. The broker charges a monthly administration fee of PS500, and if your account balance is lower, they charge you 20% of that amount. In addition, if your account is inactive for 12 months, you’ll also be charged an administrative fee of some other amount. Most legitimate brokers only charge a minimal fee after that.

Genius Investment Group is an offshore brokerage entity

Genius Investment Group is an offshore brokerage entity based in the Seychelles, which promises to provide its customers with easy trading facilities. Its website also mentions London as a location, and offers training in the trading of financial assets. However, as the company is not registered with any legitimate financial institution, there is a high likelihood that it is a fraudulent operation. It is therefore important to read reviews before you decide to invest with this firm.

One way to check for scams is to check if the company you’re dealing with has a CySEC license. A CySEC license is necessary for a company to provide financial services. However, if the firm doesn’t have a CySEC license, it may be an offshore brokerage entity. Another potential fraudulent firm is Atecs Capital, a cryptocurrency CFD broker. It doesn’t use MetaTrader, and works with a proprietary trading platform that is unknown to the public. In addition, it requires a $500 minimum deposit. The company’s management company is the Altos Group Ltd, which is likely based in the Republic of Dominica. This means that the company is operating without a valid license and does not comply with CySEC’s strict regulations.

Despite its seemingly low deposit requirement, the company offers a large variety of financial assets, including currencies and indices. Its platform is simple and easy to use. It requires a minimum of $250 to open a live account, and it also offers a special Islamic account option. It’s important to remember that the company is registered as an offshore brokerage entity and is owned by Speed Solutions Ltd, a company based in Belize. Interestingly, AroTrade also offers a binary options trading platform, and Ashford Investments offers a hybrid between spot and option trading.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding offshore-registered companies, which is why it is imperative to check out each one before you start trading. One of the biggest risks with any offshore-registered firm is that it is not regulated by the FCA. Furthermore, such companies are often deceptive and engage in unethical activities. However, there are some offshore brokerage entities that offer excellent services.


If you’ve been researching cryptocurrency trading schools online, you may be wondering if Genius Investment Group is a scam or a legitimate online trading school. The company is based offshore, but claims to be regulated by CySEC. However, the regulatory body has yet to include the company in its database. There are also concerns that the company lacks any privacy policies or legal documents.

Moreover, the company does not offer a demo account. This means that if you want to withdraw your money, you need to meet certain conditions first. This is not possible if Genius Investment Group does not give you a demo account. A demo account is a good way to gauge how well the trading platform works and what conditions you will face.

Genius Investment Group offers two types of courses: group and one-on-one training. The group course is the most popular. Genius Investment Group selects ten to fifteen students per classroom. In addition, students have access to the trading floor in London. This allows them to interact with the expert team and get feedback on their strategies.

In addition to offering a live training program, Genius Investment Group also offers an online course. The course lasts for 12 months and can be done from anywhere in the world. The company pays for the delivery of resources to the students.

Genius Investment Group offers a telegram group

If you’re interested in trading bitcoins for a high return, you may want to beware of the Genius Investment Group bitcoin scam. The company claims to offer a profitable program for a one-time fee of $400. However, the software may stop working after a month or two, and you’ll have to pay more to get a new version. Another common scam is the Forex Market Captain, also known as Rickyadmin. His program doesn’t manage risk well, so you end up with higher lots and higher losses than you initially anticipated. Other scammers include @jmchuyjm, who sells a BOT.

Genius Investment Group’s website claims its course will give you more than 70 videos, a guidebook, and strategies. The guidebook will teach you about their methodology and key aspects of trading. It also claims to have a private telegram group for its members. The company claims to have 15 mentors and five courses.

Genius Investment Group has unfair withdrawal conditions

One of the major complaints against Genius Investment Group is its unfair withdrawal conditions. The broker doesn’t offer a demo account, so potential clients cannot check the trading platform before deciding to sign up. The trading platform has no charting options, no market indicators, and no automatic trading robots. Compared to MetaTrader 4, Genius Investment Group’s trading platform is far inferior. Another complaint is that the company’s withdrawal conditions are unfair and require traders to reach a minimum trading volume before they can withdraw their funds.

Genius Investment Group is an offshore broker

If you are thinking of using an offshore bitcoin broker, you need to make sure that you know exactly what to look for. The company you choose should be regulated and follow certain regulations, which will prevent you from getting taken advantage of by scammers. You may also want to check out the license of the company. Genius Investment Group Trade may have an offshore license, but there is no guarantee that the company is reliable. Offshore brokers often take advantage of regulations and can charge hidden fees to their customers.

Another concern you need to look for is whether or not Genius Investment Group is registered under CySEC. Although the company claims that it is regulated by the CySEC, it has been providing financial services to customers without the necessary authorization. Some reports have even suggested that this company is an offshore broker. Another cryptocurrency CFD broker you may want to avoid is Atecs Capital. This company does not use MetaTrader and has an unclear trading platform. The company is managed by Altos Group Ltd, which is based in the Republic of Dominica. The company does not have proper regulation and does not have a license from CySEC.

Another scam to avoid is Genius Investment Group Investments. This offshore bitcoin broker has been exposed as a scam, and there have been countless negative reviews about it online. This company does not disclose the fees they charge their clients, and it creates unrealistic expectations for customers. For example, Genius Investment Group promises 15% daily earnings, which is just not possible. It also uses phony phone numbers and a non-existent address.

Genius Investment Group offers a basic package

Genius Investment Group offers a basic package, but does it offer anything more? The trading platform is similar to the ones from the early 2000s and doesn’t offer any features such as market indicators, charting options, or automated trading robots. It also lacks legal documents and privacy policies. It claims that it is regulated by CySEC, but the regulatory body has not included the current broker in their database. It also fails to offer a demo account to prospective clients.

Genius Investment Group also provides a basic package to students. This includes 16 hours of training, but it is also possible to learn from home without paying the full price. Students can also join a private telegram group for further support. Genius Investment Group claims to have 15 mentors and five courses.

If you want to learn to trade on the Forex market, Genius Investment Group is a great option. They offer a one-year training package that’s designed to empower potential traders. The program is offered both online and physically in London. Genius Investment Group also pays for the delivery fees for their course materials.

Genius Investment Group also offers one-on-one training. This in-house course teaches you the basics of forex trading. This three-day course teaches you the fundamentals of forex trading and fundamental analysis. The course is taught by the founders of the company. It’s a great opportunity to network with other traders and learn from their experiences.

Genius Investment Group offers an online course

The Genius Investment Group bitcoin scam offers an online course, but what exactly is the course? To find out, read on. There are several different options. The most popular of these is the group course. Students are selected for the course based on their current skill level. This course is conducted over three days, and allows students to ask questions and interact with the expert team.

Genius Investment Group offers a training program for novice traders. It claims to be the most established trading school in the industry, with over 2000 students, a YouTube channel with over 3.1 million views, and instructors who have traveled the world to teach clients. The course’s reviews are positive, and there are traders who have achieved success after completing the course.

In addition to the training programme, Genius Investment Group also offers software and other services. They claim to be regulated by CySEC, but their website has been down for a while. This means that they may be a scam. While Genius Investment Group is a legitimate trading company, it is also run by an offshore company.

Genius Investment Group offers a course that covers fundamental, technical, and psychological aspects of trading. It offers students 16 hours of training, digitally. It also teaches them how to use platform data. Students can work through the material at their own pace. There are also free videos that can help them master their trading skills.

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